3 Interior Design Tips on How to Make a Rental Space Feel like Home.

When renting an apartment, there are so many factors to consider when it comes to decorating your new living space. As it is, a small space can prove difficult to decorate, but when you have to follow the guidelines of landlord regulations – it can really limit your choices. Don’t fret, it is still possible to make a home for yourself! By following these simple decorating tips, you will be well on your way to getting a living space you can be happy with. There are many things to consider when you rent, and that is the lack of space you will be faced with. One of the best practices to apply when decorating a small living area is painting your walls in light colors – nothing too bright or dark, as it will make the space look smaller. The light color will give the apartment the appearance of being larger, and will give your walls that hint of color that will brighten up your space and make it unique to your taste. Most landlords are fine with lighter colors as they are not only easier to paint over, but should also appeal to future tenants when showing the apartment. In terms of making your apartment look and feel bigger, it is also a good idea to invest in condo sized furniture. Many furniture stores offer smaller sized furniture for small living spaces. This gives the impression of a more spacious living area, and will not have your place looking cluttered. When buying pieces for your apartment, it is also wise to think in terms of storage, and what kinds of furniture will serve dual functions. For instance, you can use an antique trunk as a coffee table and use the inner space to hold blankets and other items you do not wish to have out on display. Kitchen carts are also a great way to add more counter space to your kitchen, and can also be used to store your pots and pans. And as much as we all love to hang artwork in our homes, with smaller living spaces it is best to keep the artwork to a minimum. In place of artwork, a trick to keep small spaces looking bigger and brighter is to install mirrors at either end of a room, as to reflect light throughout the entire space. And the less artwork you hang, the happier your landlord will be. Voila! Three simple design tips and you’ve instantly turned a rental space into a space that will look and feel like your own without breaking any landlord regulations or having to undertake any major renovations to the space.