Pointe-Claire, the suburb to be.

Looking for an outdoorsy suburban neighborhood to call home? Looking for a residential area that has a strong identity of its own, and doesn’t just have cookie cutter homes? Then Pointe-Claire could very well be the neighborhood for you. By all accounts, Pointe-Claire sounds like a lovely place to live. It has ton of green spaces and parks, and with minimal development along the lakeshore, there is still a good view of Lake St. Louis from most vantage points. It is also a very attractive suburb, with a well-balanced mix of architecture – new and older homes, with some historical houses. It’s a pleasant surprise to see a suburb where all the homes are not identical, and this is where Pointe-Claire sets itself apart from other suburbs. There is a real sense of identity to the neighborhood. In terms of who resides in Pointe-Claire, the population consists mostly of families, and is home to a large English speaking community. With an average family income of 85K+ a year, it is one of the wealthier suburbs in Montreal. It also has a very low unemployment rate, and is a very safe place to live and raise families. With six primary schools, and three secondary schools, it is easy to see why the suburb is home to many young families. Besides ample housing and green spaces, what else does the neighborhood have to offer? Pointe-Claire is host to many essential amenities; such as several brand name grocery stores, the impressive Fairview Shopping mall – with its 200+ stores, and medical/recreation centres. 1 In terms of housing, the majority of houses are single-detached homes, but there is an ongoing surge in condo and townhouse development within the inner suburb, making Pointe-Claire appealing to not just families, but young professionals alike. Pointe-Claire is a great choice for anyone looking for a more quiet, green, and active lifestyle than can be found within the city of Montreal. With Lake St. Louis being so accessible to the residents, water sports are a popular pastime in the warmer months. The suburb also boasts several parks, with the Terracotta Park being the more favoured amongst residents. With its 39 hectares of natural green space, and six kilometers of walking paths, it is a pleasurable green space to walk, observe nature, dog walk and bird watch. With a steady increase in population, new housing development, and numerous green spaces to enjoy – Pointe-Claire is definitely a great place to live!